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Facile recyclable process of high-quality single layer graphene oxide cia waste graphite anode scrap

Ceramics International

23. 11. 15.

Exceptional Thermochemical Stability of Graphene on N-Polar GaN for Remote Epitaxy

ACS nano

23. 10. 16.

Unveiling reactive origin through the in situ 2D core-shell formation, Ni (CN) 2@ Ni2P, derived from Hofmann-type MOF for water oxidation

Chemical Engineering Journal

23. 6. 1.

Simultaneous Encapsulation of Mixed‐Halide Perovskite on Synthesis Step Using a Thermally Expandable Lamellar Capsule to Fabricate the Multi‐Conversion Layer

Advanced Optical Materials

23. 4. 1.

Ni2P/Fe2P encapsulated in N, P co-doped carbon shell as overall water splitting catalyst for wide pH range electrochemical applications

Applied Surface Science

23. 3. 30.

Fabrication of phosphor in glass using waste glass for automotive lighting application

Scientific Reports

23. 3. 17.

Structural and Electrochemical Identification of CoFe Pnictide Catalysts Affecting the Performance of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Journal of The Electrochemical Society

23. 3. 7.

Preparation of high-quality YAG:Ce3+ ceramic phosphor by high-frequency induction heated press sintering methods

Scientific Reports

22. 11. 28.

Fabrication of LuAG: Ce3+ Ceramic Phosphors Prepared with Nanophosphors Synthesized by a Sol-Gel-Combustion Method


22. 11. 13.

Composite Nanoarchitectonics with iron nickel bimetallic nanoparticles and carbon composite for efficient electrocatalysis in hydrogen evolution reaction

Current Applied Physics

22. 11. 1.

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